Aleppo, UK Hindus and Canary Wharf

It’s cold, grey and foggy in London. What’s new? It probably was like that in the time of Elisabeth I, so brilliantly portrayed by an Indian, Shekhar Kapur, which proves that Macaulay’s mission of making proper Britishers of Indians, was highly successful!
Once you come out of the gates of Heathrow, Terminal 4, it feels like you are in old Delhi: Sikhs with their turbans, Muslims in skull caps and sometimes even robes, women with saris or burkhas. There is a karma after all: The English conquered ruthlessly half the world and now they are being colonized, though they still want to give the impression that it is the White Man (or Woman, for that matter), who is ruling Great Britain. It’s an illusion, though, as was the Aryan invasion theory, so beloved of historians, whereas a White Race conquered India (supposedly originated from the Russian Ural) and imposed on the Indian tribals and Dravidians the hated caste system and Hindu religion. A theory that has been scientifically proved false since quite long, but still favoured as the foundation stone of every history book on India.
There are practically no beggars in the streets of London, contrary to France, which is swamped by Romanian gypsies. This may explain the Brexit: The British still think they are an island, though the Eurostar train links them now to the mainland and without Europe, their future looks pretty bleak. Handsome David Cameron left them in a mess and even washed his hands of it. There is no perception of this in the British Media, which is of poor quality, both written and audiovisual, always bordering on the superficial and feeding itself on gossip and sensationalism.
At the moment it is busy shedding crocodile tears on Syria, as most of the western media does, with images of orphaned or wounded children of Aleppo. A tragedy, no doubt, but nobody mentions the fact that in Syria, its is Muslims, killing other Muslims – not westerners killing Muslims – and that the USA and Europe have in the beginning – and still are in some measure today – propped up and armed the most radical of these Muslims, the ISIS, the Al-Qaeda and others, while Putin supports the dictatorial, but more moderate Bashar-al Assad, and rightly so. Donald Trump is right there: It’s folly on the part of the West to continue boycotting Russia, a nation that ethnically and socially is much closer to Europe and the US, than Turkey, for instance, where the Russian ambassador was shot by another Muslim fanatic, while another ran his truck over innocent people in Germany – in the name of what?
But the truth is that Muslims are killing more of their own every day all over the world, though suicide attacks, now done by ten years old, on Shias, Amadhis, moderate, Muslims, than they are murdering westerners. This reminds one of Aurangzeb: No doubt he killed Hindus, but also poisoned his father, beheaded his brother, imprisoned his own son, fought and killed his brothers. So much for the tolerant Islam that CNN or BBC News always try to portray. However, the western intelligentsia is still supporting the radical Islamists there and if anyone dares say there is a war between Islam and the civilized world, he or she is immediately labeled an islamophobe or even a racist.
There is something still carefree and vibrant about London: My hotel is situated in a new banking district called Canary Wharf, on the river Thames. Whoever did the city planning of these once dilapidated and abandoned docks, produced a brilliant job: Malls, banks, the underground, parks, and river banks, are linked in an efficient and tasteful manner and in the night, trendy cafés lining up the Thames, are full of London’s youth, laughing and drinking French wine.
What about the UK Hindus then? Well, thank you – most of them have done very well for themselves: Gujaratis, Punjabis, Marathis, and others of Indian origin. When China started emerging as a superpower, Chinese Americans who had come originally as indented labour for the railways, or ran the laundry business in the UK – and became affluent – either returned to the mainland to gift the skills they had learned in the West or reinvested some of their money in China. Is it so with the Hindus of UK? Not all! Though I defend Hindus and will continue defending them, Hindus of UK, except a few, like Bharat Welfare Trust, or the VHP people of Manchester, seem to care only about their little comfort and privileged life. As a community, they are hopelessly divided and each Hindu organization competes for predominance, thus offering no united body that the British Government could dialogue with. Groups like the Hindu Council of UK, though they solicit support, offer none in return. Is it only the position they are after – the way it is in India, where sports bodies are crowded with old, unfit, government officials. It’s important that overseas Indians start giving back a little bit to their mother country to whom they owe so many values and much of their education.
Travelling to Leicester, and seeing these endless streets colonized by Indians, with their sad little houses, I wonder how can so many Hindus can claim that they are happy in England, when they live such a drab life and miss on their home country, India, where the sun shines most of the time, even the beggars smile, and Narendra Modi is taking his country to the path of Renaissance. He, girls guys, you are missing out all the fun!



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