Meeting Francois Gautier of FACTUSA [VIDEO]


On the evening of Saturday, June 28th, Justice For Hindus had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Francois Gautier, a reputed journalist who has made India his home for more than 30 years. As a disciple of Sri Aurbindo and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, he has taken upon himself to create a Museum of Hindu History, a notion that no one has thought about during these 66 years of anti-Hindu rule. For his efforts he has faced many obstacles from vested interests and suffered financial losses fighting for Hinduism, yet he has persevered. To help build this museum he is on a fundraising tour, his goal is to raise $50,000. It is our hope that by spreading his message we can help him do much more than that.  Like Justice For Hindus, Francois passionately believes it is India and Hinduism that has something to offer the world, and that sometime in the near future people will no longer view India as a nation which needs charity, but a source of great knowledge and wisdom which can save global civilization. [SEE VIDEO BELOW]
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Source: Justice for hindus


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