Hindu Mahasabha of America Hosts ​​​​Francois Gautier's Fundraising Program for Shivaji Maharaj Museum

Houston, Texas (5, 6 July 2014): Hindu Mahasabha of America hosted a presentation on construction of a museum at Pune to honor Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The presentation was given by Mr. Francois Gautier, a renowned journalist and writer who has been covering events in India since 1970. Mr. Gautier discussed the rich history of Indian culture with special emphasis on tough time India had to go through to protect its identity, culture and Hindu religion against Islamic, British Colonists and other foreign invaders since 1100s. He stressed that vast efforts need to be done not only to keep Hindu cultureprotected but also a way to show to the future generations how and why these Indian fought for so long.
Source: http://hmsamerica.org/


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