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A frequent flyer's notes on airlines & airports

Francois Gautier | Monday, February 20, 2012

As one of the many frequent flyers in India who hop from one airport to the other and live quite a harried life, I thought it might be interesting to grade India’s airlines and airports, particularly in the light of the recent warning by International Air Transport Association chief Tony Tyler:

‘India is a market that’s missing out on aviation’s potential as a result of a policy framework that doesn’t support aviation’s competitiveness.’

Whatever has been said about Kingfisher, it’s the top airline in India: it has the newest wide-bodied planes, the prettiest airhostesses, the best service on the ground and aboard and the best business class. One can dislike Vijay Mallya’s style, but he had the ambition to give Indian passengers a real treat after the drab decades of a state-controlled airline, even if he saw too big. He is also a patriot, wanting to put India on the world map, whether with his F1 racing team, or his airline.

Indigo comes …