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Why a Frenchman built a Bhavani & Shivaji museum

The first phase of FACT’s ( ShivajiMaharaj Museum of Indian History has been inaugurated by Sri Sri RaviShankar, Mrs AjitPawar and NitinGadkari. The exquisite BhavaniBharat temple is one of the only two temples in India dedicated to Mother India (the other is in Haridwar) which Sri Aurobindo and LokmanyaTilak wanted to build in Maharashtra 100 years ago. The VIPs then inaugurated three exhibitions: a miniature painting exhibition on the life of ChhatrapatiShivajiMaharaj; an exhibition on Hindu Tolerance Throughout the Ages; and another exhibition that proves scientifically that the famous Aryan invasion never actually happened.
Why does a Frenchman build a BhavaniBharti temple and museum? I am proud to say I owe a debt to India, because this country has granted me so much, spiritually, professionally and even sentimentally. I was a young boy of 19, living in Paris, the city of my birth, when I heard that a caravan of cars was driving from Paris…


One hopes that the people of India are not blind to the utter cynicism of some of its politicians. The way they have efficiently and ruthlessly killing the whole Lokpal movement with the help of deceit and slander is frightening. The way they have campaigned in UP, further deepening the religious divide there, is appalling. All the while, Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi, whose party is not only the main recipient of corruption, but actually institutionalized it, throw decoys at us with declarations of ‘zero tolerance of corruption’.
It’s funny how this Government is hell bent in preserving what is corrupt, untruthful, inefficient – as symbolized by the alliance they still have with the Karunanidhi, in spite of the numerous proofs that a great chunk of the 2G scam went to the DMK family – and fanatic, about destroying what is free of corruption and is prosperous.
Sonia Gandhi has been on a personal vendetta against Shri Narendra Modi for a long time. She had found a usef…