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The 10 year war's villain & biases

Francois Gautier Book review Sunday 16 th oct Book review of The 9/11wars by Jason Bruke Burke writes that `in 2010, nearly 3/4th of Pakistan identified India as the greatest threat,' but he does not mention that India's role in the war against Islamic terrorism The 9/11 Wars, written by Jason Burke, the New Delhi-based South Asia correspondent of the Guardian (UK), is an extremely well written book that seeks to document the invasions, bombings, battles and riots that broke after the World Trade Centre attacks of September 11, 2001, which have since then cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Based on hundreds of interviews with militants, refugees, senior intelligence officials and ordinary people, Burke attempts to reveal the true nature of contemporary Islamic militancy and the inside story of the fight against it. 
Indeed, his research has been so thorough that the notes, bibliography and index, run into more than 200 pages, nearly one-third of the book. R…

No room for culture clash

Source Deccan chronicle August 14, 2011  By François Gautier 
I met Namrita by sheer chance. And I believe, a beautiful turn of fate. I was living in Paris and was on my way to Nepal for a story. I stopped in Delhi and had to deliver a letter from a friend to a certain address. I reached the house and rang the bell — and Namrita opened the door. The short meeting led to the exchange of a couple of letters and a few meetings. We eventually settled down 21 years ago. It had to happen as we were both on the same wavelength. She came from a Westernised upper-class family in Delhi, understood my background, had travelled abroad and there wasn’t any clash of culture — something generally seen in couples like us. But this wasn’t the only attribute to her personality. 
Namrita had the same values of love, care and warmth that make any Indian, Indian. I believe these values have only helped us travel these many years together with ease. The companionship has seen both of us maturing in our …