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The lost history of Lumbini

Source: Daily pioneer
Francois Gautier, The Pioneer Muslim invaders treated Buddhists as infidels and attacked their places of worship. They razed every single Buddhist temple they encountered, burnt libraries and killed monks. This is why we cannot find Buddhist structures in India, except a few stupas, and why Lumbini has been lost

Buddhism was once upon a time prevalent in India till about the 4th century AD. Many historians, both in India and abroad, have implied that it nearly totally disappeared from India, because it was slowly ‘swallowed’ back by Hinduism at the hands of spiteful Brahmins.

Others have however pointed out that if Hinduism resisted the Muslim onslaught thanks to its Kshatriyas - the Rajputs, Marathas and Sikhs - Buddhism, because it made non-violence an uncompromising dogma, was literally wiped-off the face of India in a few centuries, as it refused to oppose any resistance.

For the Muslim soldiers, Buddhists, who adored statues and did not b…

Francois Gautier's open letter to Manu Joseph : Slander against Hindu Gurus in New york Times -

Sub: your article in the New York Times

Mr. Manu Joseph,

I am journalist like you: correspondent in South Asia of the French daily Le Figaro for ten years, now editor of La Revue de l’Inde (Editions l’Harmattan, Paris) the only magazine solely dedicated to India in the French speaking world (20.000 copies per issue).
Also a writer, author of a dozen books in French and English. Amongst them ‘The Art of Healing (Harper Collins, 2010), The Guru of joy (Hay House USA, 100.000 copies sold), La Caravane Intérieure (Paris, Les Belles Lettres).

I am a too born Christian. My father, a very good man, was a devout catholic; my uncle was the parish head of the famous church Saint Jean de Montmartre.

I also live in India and am married to an Indian from Delhi. But the comparison stops there. I have respect for India’s ancient culture and would never dare running it down the way you did.

The history of respect and devotion to Gurus is a very ancient tradition and is something that is both…

Hazare arrest fiasco: Just who is calling the shots at the Centre?

Francois Gautier | Wednesday, August 17, 2011  The first prerequisite of a good journalist is to be inquisitive. And indeed, the Indian media can be very inquisitive, as investigations into the recent scams by Times Now or Tehelka have shown. Yet, when it comes to Sonia Gandhi, there is a conspiracy of silence. Firstly, no newspaper or television channel ever mentions the fact that she probably has cervical cancer, and you have to go online to foreign publications to learn it. Now, Mrs Gandhi is the most powerful person in India, a super prime minister, over the existing PM and as such her bill of health is a matter of public scrutiny, as it would be for Barack Obama or Angela Merkel. Secondly, the most basic questions that any journalist worth his/her salt should inquire into are not asked: Is she still running the government by proxy from the US? Knowing how the Congress works, Anna Hazare’s arrest had to be taken at the highest level, like it was the case with the midni…