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A Holocaust Museum In Delhi

Source: Francois gautier The massacre of 6 million Jews by Hitler and the persecution that Jews suffered all over the world in the last 15 centuries has been meticulously recorded by Jews themselves after 1945 and has been enshrined not only in history books, but also in Holocaust museums, the most famous one being in Washington DC. It has not been done with a spirit of revenge - look at Israel and Germany today - they are in the best of terms; yet, facts are facts and contemporary Germany had to come to terms with its terrible actions during Second World War. Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists have suffered also a terrible Holocaust, probably without parallel in human history. Take the Hindu Kush for instance, probably one of the biggest genocides of Hindus. There is practically no serious research ever done about it and no mention in history books. Yet the name Hindu Kush appears many times in the writings of Muslim chroniclers: in 1333 AD Ibn Battutah, the medieval Berber …