Inauguration of First phase of the Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum of Indian History

FACT Inauguration of First phase of the Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum of Indian History

Inauguration: H H Sri Sri Ravishankar
& Nitin Gadkari

Time: 10 AM

Date : 14th Jan 2012

Venue: Ahead of Marathwada Institute, 
Wadagaon, Shinde Road, Pune - 411047


राजेश said…
This is one of the Noblest Projects Francois has taken up. It will be an admiration, source of inspiration and pride for - not only Hindus but for ALL HUMANITY lovers of the world !! Thank You Francois !!
Anu said…
Can you please add address map on your facebook page. I am unable to locate the place by the given address. Thanks!
ramesh said…
Shivaji made biggest mistake or he was scared of merchant Tukaram maharaj , He offered go brahman pratipalan that is one branmin killing is equal to killing COW hence Merchant were at receiving end,
Today the merchants in belgaon and Karwar who went in hiding in that area due to portugese mennace Marathas have given this place to Karnataka why they are so scared of Merchants, And talk great about Marathas cauwards, Goa not taken in Maharastra because they are literate lot
JW said…
Is there any day when the museum is closed or is it open from 9 to 6 all week?
Is the museum completed or its completing soon?
Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was a great statesman with good foresight and evoked the good in a person and brought the best amongst the few brave people he had at his disposal. He didnt have a huge army but he had a great righteous life with simple living.

In my opinion he was the first to see India as India and not just limited to his kingdom.

The respect for women was unmatchable.
This great man did what could only be dreamt, he kept hindu religion alive when it was massacred and that too with dignity. My head bows in respect to this great man.
Jai Bhavani!!! Jai Shivaji!

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