Talk by francois gautier

Date: Oct 01 2010 
Event: French Journalist Francois Gautier's Talk & Reception - 
Venue: Cafe Bombay, Atlanta

Sponsored and Supported by Hindu Temple of Atlanta and Shiv Mandir of Atlanta

Sponsored by India Awareness Foundation
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Sometimes outsiders can see and respond more effectively to situations where insiders may be oblivious or even complacent to ground realities. Well Francois Gautier is one such French journalist who has steadfastly stood up for ‘just’ Hindu causes. So, in effect, he can hardly be called an outsider coz he is more at home and current with what is happening and what needs to be done than most of us. Rather he is an anointed Hindu with passion to serve the cause of religion as well as protection of its ethos.

Francois is visiting Atlanta October 1 thru October 3 and Atlanta is giving him a civic reception with his captivating lecture covering topics of varied interest, namely:

1. How terrorism is affecting India and USA
2. Need for saving Hindu heritage and creating museum of  Indian history and Hindu holocaust in Pune
3. How and why Hindus in the US must help preserve and uplift India's image

About François Gautier
François Gautier was born in Paris in 1950 and had a strict upper-class catholic education in boarding schools all over Europe. His family wanted him to be a businessman and he attended an American business school in Paris called IDRAC, but his interest was in writing and he quit to work in a small newspaper, which quickly folded. He dabbled in photography and then wrote the script of a film for a friend (whose father, a famous film director, had given him 30.000 francs to do his own film). Before the film was released, however he left for India when he had just turned nineteen.

When he reached India, he felt he had reached home and settled in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondichery, where he met the Mother and immersed himself in Sri Aurobindo’s writings, which will have a deep influence on him all throughout his life. He however stopped writing for a long time, except his own diaries and learnt meditation and gardening ! But I In 1982, at the occasion of the Asian Games in Delhi, he chanced upon an article (on the Asian games) in a French newspaper.

In the early eighties, he began freelancing in India for different publications and finally ended-up being the correspondent in South Asia, for the Geneva-based « Journal de Geneve », then one of the best international newspapers in Europe. In 1993, he switched to Figaro, one of France’s leading newspapers for which he worked exclusively for eight years. He also started writing regular columns for Indian newspapers, first in Blitz Bombay, then in the Hindustan Times, later came the ‘Ferengi’s column” in the Indian Express, then the “French Connection” column in the Pioneer, as well as regular contributions for Rediff., New Indian Express, Dainik Jagran, etc.

François has written several books: Un autre Regard sur l’Inde” (Editions du Tricorne, Geneva-Paris), which has been reprinted thrice and for which he was invited in May 2000 to ‘Bouillon de Culture’, France’s most prestigious TV literary programme; “Arise O India” (Har Anand) 1999, “A Western journalist on India” (Har-Anand 2001), “India’s Self Denial (Editions Auroville Press, 2001), “Swami, moine hindou et PDG (Editions Delville, Paris, 2003, 8000 copies sold) “Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a guru of Joy” (India Today Book Club, 2003; 11 reprints, 60,000 copies sold). La Caravane Intérieure (Les Belles Lettres, Paris 2005). A New History of India (Har Anand, 2008)

Francois is now the editor in chief of the Paris-based La Revue de l’Inde and a director of a book collection on India with the same publisher. Francois is married to an Indian from Delhi, Namrita and shuttles between Pondichery, Bangalore and Delhi.

Francois, along with his wife Namrita, is also the trustee founder of FACT-India, which does exhibitions and commissions films documenting Human Rights abuse in South Asia. Amongst them: an exhibition on the persecuted minorities of Bangladesh, another one on the plight of Kashmiri Pandits (which was shown to the US Congress in 2005), a film on the trauma of 1947 and another one on the testimonies of the Mumbai train bombings of 2006.


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