Press release Aug 2nd Hindu Unity day: Francois Gautier

Francois Gautiers US TRIP Aug 2nd 2009

Aug 2nd, New York
Francois Gautier on his conference tour of North America, speaking at Hindu Unity Day
organised by Hindu Temple Society of North America, NY.

Francois spoke passionately about the need for unity among Hindu organisations and
Hindus in general. As diverse as the Hindu thought and way of life is, the greatest need
of the hour is for all Hindus to unite to rid Hindu society of inequalities, poverty, and to
stand up for the rights of oppressed Hindus. He paid rich tributes to the Vedic culture, the
Sanatana Dharma which he said is the last living spirituality, whereas all the ancient
civilisations (Egypt, Mesopotamia, South American,Greek etc) have been wiped out.
The prospering of Hindu civilisation today has been possible only because of the deep
rooted faith and pride among the Hindus about their religion and culture.

Francois also emphasized the need to correct the widely prevalent distorted picture of Indian history as propagated by the Britishers, missionaries, communists and the western world for over two centuries to show the Hindu civilisation in poor light. His latest book
A New History of India, gives an indepth analysis of this issue. Through his foundation,
FACT-India, Francois and Namrita Gautier are working to fight against Terrorism, Human Rights abuses in Indian subcontinent and to preserve the wealth of Hindu civilisation for generations to come.

Francois also noted that India does not have a museum of Indian History, in spite of India
having a rich history and culture dating back to at least 7000 years. FACT-India has acquired 20 acres of land in Pune to build The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum of Indian History.
It will be a state of the art museum with Audio and Video guided tours and research facilities. Most importantly the museum will be a monument, to remind all Indians of their ancient culture and history and to remember the wars and holocausts of the last 1000 years and avoid repeating those terrible incidents all over again. Indeed, it is time for us to cherish and be proud of our culture and history, pay tributes to our brave heroes (women and men), learn from our history and not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

On behalf of FACT-India team, Francois urged Indians in US (& worldwide) to join in this noble endeavour to understand and embrace the contributions, values and spiritual ethos of the ancient land of Bharat and restore the dignity that the wonderful Hindu civilisation rightfully deserves.

FACT-India is a registered non-profit organisation in India and USA. Contributions to The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum of Indian History can be made online at All donations are tax-deductible. FACT-India gratefully acknowledges your precious contributions.


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