François Gautier’s US Tour... Itinerary

Distinguished journalist, writer and a long time friend of India, Mr. Francois Gautier of FACT - India invites you to discuss..

- How terrorism is hitting India hard
- Wrong perception of India in US media
- Misguided policies of US in Indian Subcontinent
- What NRIs can do to raise awareness about the real India
- How can Indian Americans unite and why
- Why does India need a museum of Indian history that will provide a true picture
- And why the museum will focus on the history of Hindu holocaust

Conferences will be followed by a short presentation on The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum of Indian History, which FACT - India is building in Pune, India. This state of the art museum will provide a frank look at Indian history from Vedic times up to today.

Aug 2nd - Hindu Unity Day, Ganesh Temple, Flushing, New York
Aug 8th - Dallas, Hindu Unity Day
Aug 9th - Dallas, 1-5 pm Seminar on Indian History
Aug 9th - Dallas, 7-9 pm, Private Fund Raiser Dinner
Aug 10th & 11th - Houston
Aug 14 & 15 - Boston
Aug 16 - New Jersey
Aug 19 - Maryland, UMD College Park
Aug 22 - San Francisco
Aug 24 - Los Angeles

For information about Francois Gautier and his works, please visit FACT - India. FACT - India was established by Francois Gautier in 2003, to highlight Human Rights abuses in South Asia. FACT - India is a non-profit organisations registered in India and USA respectively.

Contributions to FACT - India are tax deductible, Tax ID: 20-8615051.

Please mail your donations to FACT - India, 6832 Windrock Rd, Dallas, TX 75252.
Contact: Kalyan Viswanathan,, Tel.: 614 668 1668,
Francois Gautier,,
Dr. Samathha Reddy,


Very happy to know that M. Gautier is visiting LA. Could you please give details of his program? Thanks.
Explorer said…
Watch this space and I shall keep posting the developments and on

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