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As president Obama has just affirmed it, the new strategy of the United States for Afghanistan and Pakistan “will target the dismantling of the terrorist networks and will employ for this purpose a vast range of means, energy of the improvement of the capacities of the regional security forces to a new attention paid to the diplomacy, the development and the international cooperation”. But is this really a new strategy?

Its predecessors, of Reagan with Bush, while passing by Clinton, were pressed all on Pakistan and Afghanistan to fight the Soviets initially, then to neutralize the Talibans Qaida et al. today. “We must make sure that neither Afghanistan nor Pakistan are used as sure shelters with Al-Qaïda”, precisely Mr. Obama on March 29 said.

The president qualified the new plan of “overall strategy which counts not only on rifles and bombs, but also on agronomists, doctors and engineers to help to create a climate in which people recognize that they have to gain more while becoming our partners and those of the international community that by adhering to some these ideologies extremists”. With this intention, Mr. Obama wishes a vaster civil presence in Afghanistan and asked the American congress to adopt a private bill authorizing an direct aid in Pakistan of 7,5 billion dollars over 5 years. These funds would be used to build schools, roads and hospitals just as to reinforce the Pakistani democracy.

Let us recall that between 1952 and 2008, Islamabad received more than 73 billion $ out of foreign aid, according to Pakistan' S Economic Survey. But since the attacks of Mumbai of last November the total sum received by Pakistan is of 23.3 billion $! This included not the Chinese assistance whose one does not know the exact sum. The intentions are creditable. But the Indian government is not convinced: “Since Ronald Reagan, most of the weapons given by the Americans to the Pakistani were turned over against us to the Cashmere, then later were used to make attacks in India, from which those of Mumbai of last November”, comments on an official Indian who prefers to keep anonymity. However the Indian government knows that this new plan in South Asia results from close consultations during several months of the US government with Afghan persons in charge and Pakistani as with the allies of the United States within the International force of assistance to safety in which 41 countries in Afghanistan under the command of NATO take part.

New Delhi also noted that Mr. Obama had already ordered the deployment in reinforcement of 17.000 soldiers and marines to support the maintenance mission of peace under U.N. mandate to the approach of the Afghan elections scheduled for August. The new plan of the United States recommends 4.000 additional soldier sending, whose task will be to reinforce good progresses in the formation of the Afghan security forces so that they can protect their country. This does not obstruct in any manner New Delhi, which also wishes “to reinforce the democracy in Afghanistan”, but the Indian government worries about financial aid and the weapons which will be provided to Islamabad by Mr. Obama.

“An central element of our strategy is to provide drive to the Afghan national army so that it can play a key role and it is one of some successes of which we were pilot during the last years. Indeed, the Afghan national army has much credibility. Its soldiers are effective combatants. We must reinforce that”, specified Mr. Obama. “. ” This leaves credulous many Indian observers: “As soon as the Americans from go away, Afghanistan, for whom to fight is a national pastime, will fall down in anarchy - and it is us close Indians who will suffer from it, Sabeer Narendra a journalist of Delhi exclaims.

The plan of Obama also clarifies the need for supporting Pakistan in its fight against the extremists, a point punctuated by the suicide bombing against a mosque which made more than 50 died, on March 27, in the North-West of the country, and by an terrorist attack against a police academy of Lahore, on March 30. But the Indians make the point that not only the Pakistani entretuent himself, but that for twenty years they have exported terrorism: “all the great Islamic attacks, that they are those of Bombay or New York, have each one a Pakistani connection”, underlines Narendra. “One of the increasingly alarming points of these last years is the concept, I think, at the ordinary Pakistani that it is about a way or of another of a war which relates to does not concern the United States but it”, indicated Mr. Obama. “This attitude, I think, involved in Pakistan a gradual recrudescence of the extremism which constitutes the most important threat against the stability of its government, and in the final analysis, the most important threat against the Pakistani people. ” The Indians have a quite different opinion: “the attitude of the successive Pakistani governments since the Zia general, was always ambivalent, because with a hand they claim to support the fight against terrorism and other they grant licence to the secret services of Pakistani army (ISI) to arm to finance and involve certain islamist groups such Lashkar-e-Taiba”. “What we want to do, it is to say to the Pakistani people: you are our friends. You are our allies. We will give you the necessary tools to overcome Al-Qaïda and eliminate the zones from refuge of the extremists. But we also expect a certain responsibility for your share, and so that you became conscious of the gravity and the nature of this threat”, Obama pled. “Bush held the same speech in Pakistan after the attacks of the World Trade Center, smiles Narendra. But one does not fight terrorism by supporting one of the principal fountains of terrorism.

Mr. Obama is a lit man, but he succumbs, like many Western leaders, with the nuclear blackmail of Pakistan, which always threatens to use its atomic weapons against India. This is why even French president Nicolas Sarkozy pushes India and Pakistan with the negotiation and possibly with an agreement on the Cashmere, which would see India making many concessions. But how, concluded it, these two presidents cannot see that contrary to Pakistan, small islamist country always at the edge of the implosion, India, a nation democratic, liberal, pro-Western, is their best ally in the war against terrorism? ”


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