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INDE : Les attentats de Bangalore puis d’Ahmedabad, et auparavant ceux de Lucknow, Varanasi et Mumbai, qui ont fait plus de deux cents morts, ont tous une connexion indépendantiste kashmirie. C’est le moment ou jamais de vérifier quelle est la position de la France par rapport au Cachemire.
Par François Gautier, ancien correspondant du Figaro en Inde, rédacteur en chef de la Revue de l'Inde (


Y a-t-il un lien entre le Tibet, le Cachemire et la Corse? Paradoxalement, oui ! La France reconnaît à la Chine, depuis fort longtemps déjà, droit de suzeraineté sur le Tibet ; nous n'accordons cependant pas la même latitude à l'Inde, nous cantonnant à déclarer que le Cachemire est un territoire 'disputé' (entre le Pakistan et l'Inde) ; par contre, il ne viendrait jamais à l'idée des Indiens de nous dire que l'appartenance de la Corse au territoire français est 'contestée'.

La France et l'Inde, depuis les …


NEGATIONISM AND GUJARATIn the wake of the recent events in Gujarat, we have to look again at what Belgian scholar Koenraad Elst, has called "negationism", which means " the denial of crimes against humanity". In modern history, the massacre by the Turks of 1,5 millions Armenians, or that of the 6 million Jews by the Nazis, the several millions of Russians by Stalin, or the 1 million Tibetans by the Chinese communists, are historical facts which have all been denied by their perpetrators in a thousand ways: gross, clever, outrageous, subtle, so that in the end, the minds of people are so confused and muddled, that nobody knows anymore where the truth is. We have seen recently how some of the Muslim intellectuals, part of the English media and many western correspondents have negated the Sabarmarti Express burning by a Muslim mob: a few of them said it happened because the kar-sevaks insulted the Muslim vendors in Godhra, or even molested a young Muslim girl; others …


This book is not going to helpheal the wounds of GodhraSwami Agnivesh is a respected figure in India, known for having saved countless children from bonded labour. His just published book, in collaboration with Reverend Valson Thampu, “Harvest of Hate, Gujurat under siege”, is a deserving attempt at recording in exacting details the plight of Muslims at the hands of raging Hindus during the Gujurat riots.
Unfortunately, this essay, which could have done so much to bridge the widening gap between the two communities, is all about hate, as its opening statement illustrates: “Even if we forget the Mahatma’s ideals, we should never forget who killed the Mahatma”. He rants against the the Sangh Parivar: “It is a medical analogy that explains the prevent convulsions (of the Sangh Parivar) best – that of de-worming –when the worms in their final twitch of desperation release their poison”. But the first mention of the burning of the Sabarmati Express only comes at page 37, merely giving the M…

Hindu India is under Increasing Assault

source: daily pioneer
Hindu India is under Increasing Assault - Francois Gautier - I have often been accused of being a ‘Right-winger’, a ’saffron journalist’, a ‘Hindu-lover’. Actually I am proud to be a lover of the Hindus — 850 million in India, a billion in the world, one in every six humanbeings on this planet. I am proud to defend people who have always accepted others, who have given refuge to all persecuted minorities in the world, and who still possess knowledge of karma, yoga, avatar and the hidden realities behind life. People who still produce gurus, ashrams, individuals for us to learn from.
- What surprises me the most is that there must be around 200 foreign media correspondents posted in India and that I do not know another one who defends Hindus, except maybe Mark Tully, in a roundabout manner.
- I am appalled at what is happening at the moment. For, make no mistake, it is not a question of buying MPs to get through a dubious vote of confidence, it is not even a question of th…

India: A weakening civilisation

July 28, 2008
Since time immemorial smaller nations without a strong soul, or which are on the decline, have copied -- - and often blindly aped -- the strong prevailing civilisations of that moment. In that manner, when Rome was at its peak satellite nations copied the Roman style of democracy, clothes, food, mannerisms... And so it was for Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia when they dominated, or even for ancient India whose dances, temples, customs, martial arts, were replicated all the way to China on one side and down to Greece on the other (many Greek gods are derived from Hindu deities). One cannot call today's India a declining civilisation, although it has suffered tremendously from invasions in the last 1,500 years. Indeed, India is one of the few civilisations today which has managed -- albeit in a diluted manner -- to retain intact much of her culture and spirituality from the Vedic ages. If you look at civilisations like Greece, Egypt or Italy [Images] (erstwhile Rome) to…

France and the nuclear deal :: Francois Gautier

July 14, 2008

Today is July 14, France's [Images] National Day, and it would be interesting to have a fresh look at Indo-French relations and how they impact the nuclear deal with the United States. As expressed on television and newspaper interviews by the French ambassador in India, Jerome Bonnafont, France endorses the controversial Indo-US nuclear pact "which is good for India".

France is of course eagerly awaiting its signature, so that it can try to sell to India its nuclear technology and maybe one or two nuclear plants. But what France also does not say, is that it silently thinks that India, contrary to the five declared nuclear powers, is not a mature and wise enough nation to handle military nuclear technology and that it agrees with the US that India's military nuclear programme be capped so as to profit only civil nuclear energy.

For if you read in between the lines of the G8 chairman's statement at the end of last week's three-day summit ('We l…