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Red banner of terrorism

From Daily pioneer
Francois Gautier

Mao Tse-Tung and his Little Red Book may have been all but forgotten in China where the revolution has been overtaken by free market economics. But here in India, Maoists continue to spread their deadly tentacles through terror and intimidation

It is not often nowadays that one can praise the Government. But in the case of Maoism, one has to, for not only everything has been tried, from negotiation to coercion, but the Government is facing a deadly and ruthless enemy which does not hesitate to kill and maim, so sure that it is in the sincerity of its purpose.

In most of the world, Communism is practically dead. One cannot call China a Communist country anymore -- indeed, there may not be a more ruthless capitalist nation in the world today. Even Cuba is slowly inching towards free trade.

In India though, not only is Communism alive, but it is flourishing. You will find Communist Governments in West Bengal, Kerala and Tripura. The present Congress Governm…
image from: Dainik bhskar article by Francois Gautier (francois' columns appear every 15 days) From francois Gautier's Article in New Indian Express:(francois' columns appear every 15 days)
“Reading in Paris about Kashmiri Muslims rioting because of land
transferred to the Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board (SASB) and the People’s
Democratic Party pulling out of the Jammu and Kashmir Government coalition, one
feels a little bit surprised. The Amarnath pilgrimage is an ancient tradition
and after all, Kashmir, much before some of the inhabitants of the Valley were
converted to Islam, is the seat of Shaivism, the place where thousands of yogis,
sadhus, holy men, prayed, meditated and often attained realization, for at least
3,000 years.

“Millions of devotees have flocked to Amarnath over the centuries—and
Muslims from Kashmir should show them generosity, because in India, although
Muslims have been a minority since the beginning, Hindus have always respected
the religion of Islam. Indeed, Musl…

New left still maintains the old heroes

New left still maintains the old heroesWednesday June 18 2008 09:25 IST
Francois Gautier

WHEN we were young, our heroes were Mao Zedong, Che Guevara, or even Pol Pot. Of course, in time, we learnt about the crimes of Mao, who killed millions of his own people — Pol Pot, of course was even more of a monster. Stalin was not much better.

Thus, in most of the world, communism is practically dead. One cannot call China anymore a communist country —indeed, there may not be a more ruthless capitalistic nation today — and even Cuba is inching towards free trade. In India though, not only is communism not dead, it is flourishing ! You find communist governments in West Bengal, partly in Kerala or Tripura and the present Congress government owes its survival to the communists.In a way, it is positive. You see a youth like Nandan, filmmaker Mani Ratnam's son, who was a “Red Volunteer” at a recent CPI-M meet in Chennai. Or you come across an ardent communist like Dr Binayak Sen, now in jail. Com…