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Why must India kow-tow to China?

April 18, 2008
For 60 years, China has humiliated India at every step. It betrayed Jawaharlal Nehru's naive trust in a Hindi-Chini bhai-bhai friendship. It treacherously attacked India from Tibet [Images] which Nehru had implicitly left to the Chinese, humiliating the Indian army which would take decades to recover.It directly or indirectly encouraged separatist movements in the Northeast; it used Nepal as a front State against India; it armed, and worst of all, gave the nuclear bomb to Pakistan, a crime against humanity.Today it is still sitting on a million square metres in Aksai Chin (supposedly given to Pakistan), which rightfully belongs to India; it claims Arunachal Pradesh, and sometimes Sikkim, does regular incursions into Indian territory and is still busy encircling India in Burma.The Chinese despise Indians, witness how they summoned the Indian ambassador at 2 am in the morning as if she was some lower hireling.Indian leaders are also perfectly aware that the Chinese, in…

CRY O MY BELOVED INDIA, complete book

CRY O MY BELOVED INDIA @ François Gautier Chapter 1New Year’s Eve 2000. We are sitting on the Papparsali ridge, above Almora, in the Kumaon hills. The whole Indian Himalayan range – Nanda Devi, Trishul, Panchachuli – lies in front of us in all its splendour, glowing glorious pink in the setting sun. Such majesty and beauty, which gives one a sense of eternity. The valley below us is vibrant with a unique silence that I have only found here. A silence of the Gods, pregnant with a living presence, peaceful, as if nothing can ever happen to us, as if the unhurried, serene existence of generations of families, who have lived and died in this valley for millenniums, had impregnated it with …



Revised Edition for Bahri & Sons: 2002


N.B. This book does not pretend to be a historical treaty, neither on India, nor on other civilisations; it only fleetingly uses events and people, in an attempt to go beyond the superficial views that have usually been held on India by many historians.


India’s history was mostly written on the basis of archaeological and linguistic discoveries made by the British in colonial times, or by historians employed by the English, such as Max Mueller. But the British, who were the Masters in India, had a vested interest to show that Indian civilisation was not as ancient and as great as it was earlier thought. For, up to the 18th century, philosophers and thinkers in Europe, such as Voltaire, Hegel and even as late as Nietzsche, kept referring to Indian philosophy and science, as the mother of all philosophies and sciences.

This is why the British est…